DJI Elios Will Revolutionize Flying In Tight Spaces

DJI Elios Inspection Drone
DJI has teamed up with a Swiss technology company, Flyability, to create a new drone design that is very durable and crash tolerant. They are calling this the Elios drone and it integrates DJI’s  Lightbridge 2 technology, a reliable image transmission system to send clear signals through tight industrial spaces like steel pipes and cement structures,

Elios is designed within a unique physical structure that protects the moving parts of the UAV and keeps it from getting damaged as it flies through tight spaces that had once been impossible to fly through. With this technology, DJI and Flyability expect to save their customers a great deal of money by replacing humans with drones in these inspections.

Pilots area able to fly the Elios system from safely on the ground thanks to the Lightbridge 2 video technology and the live feed that it provides. This product will appeal to companies in the oil, gas and maritime industries who have traditionally  relied on sending inspectors into confined spaces such as tanks, ballasts or pressure vessels. This represents a big step forward in the inspection industry thanks to this revolutionary new technology!

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