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Amazon Files Patent For Tiny Companion Drone

Amazon has made it clear that the company intends to use drones in its business. The company is developing a system that allows drones to deliver small packages to its customers. But in addition to package delivery, Amazon has filed a patent for small drones that can “ride along” with regular citizens or police and help them with tasks. With police, the drones would be programmed to re...

Lily Calls It Quits

Lily, the crowd funded selfie camera drone has officially decided to stop moving forward with the launch of its product. The founds wrote a letter on the home page of their web site outlining why they are making this move. Among the reasons are problems with supply chain and manufacturing contracts with vendors. Lily was a very high profile crowdfunded company that actually raised a large amount o...

DJI Accidentally Gives Tour Of Factory

The manufacture of drones is a long, tedious and detailed process. And with camera drones, there is often a need to test the recording devices and cameras within the drones. Sometimes the workers in these factories record test footage and then forget to delete the results before they box up the drone and ship it out! This article shows footage and pictures from just such an incident that was left ...

How To Hijack A Drone

Concerns about drone safety have risen as more and more people are becoming pilots and the air space around things like forest fires and other natural disasters becomes more crowded. While there are those who believe that the only way to take a drone out of the air is with a shotgun, others have come up with more sophisticated methods for stopping unwanted air traffic. One such method is a small h...

Five Things That 2017 Will Bring For Drones

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is over and many people were very excited about the announcements that were made regarding drone technology in 2017. There were some big announcements and here are 5 that seemed to stand out. First, the selfie drone market is not going away. This category seems to be on the rise. Second, we could actually see a drone that will carry people like a taxi. Third, DJ...




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DHD-D1 (The world’s smallest drone)

As an R/C enthusiast and reviewer for over a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to test nearly all of ...



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New pilots, experienced pilots, young, old—this ai...



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Eachine Falcon 180 Professional Racer

If you’re a serious racer looking for the most pow...

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