Weather and Crushproof Drone

The Aerodyne Nimbus 195 has a unique rounded carbon fiber frame that protects the electronics and gives it a surprising amount of durability. It is designed to be resistant to snow, small amounts of water, crashes, and even the crushing weight of a car driving over it! This little quadcopter goes hard and is designed for serious racers who hope to avoid having to frequently make repairs. For more ...

Check Out the Waterproof QuadH2O

There have been some early attempts to build or manufacture waterproof drones with mixed results. A company called Waterproof Multirotors has brought some interesting offerings to the market. They offer a quadcopter and a hexacopter, called the QuadH2O and HexH2O respectively. Their web site shows a variety of uses that their customers have come up with for these unique drones. https://www.quadh2o...

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