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Flying Security Guard

The drone startup Aptonomy has developed an aerial security guard on the back of a DJI S-1000+ drone. The drone is equipped with visible as well as infrared lighting, a loudspeaker, a microphone, facial recognition software, and, of course, a high definition camera to capture any suspicious activity. This “flying security guard” could be used in many places where humans find it difficult to keep tabs. Places like around the perimeter of prisons, at remote industrial facilities like oil refineries, and in big open spaces that need to be patrolled. The company, Aptonomy was founded by two doctorates from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. They explained that most unmanned aerial systems in commercial use are being used from hundreds of feet in the air to do things like thermal or topographic mapping. But those drones can’t perceive human faces, like security guards must. Aptonomy’s drones patrol a defined area and are easily accessed by a guard who may be inside the facility or hundreds of miles away.

Learn more about Aptonomy and their airborne security guards from the link below.


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