Summer Camp Teaches Kids to Build, Program and Fly Drones

Kids With Drones

In San Antonio, Texas this summer, a unique summer camp took the excitement of drones to a group of young campers. The North East Independent School District set up a camp to encourage kids to learn science, aerodynamics and coding at the same time.

“It’s not just about the building of the drone, the engineering of the drones, but it’s also about the electrical engineering piece of it. It’s about the programming piece of it, and it’s really fun when you see them actually start to fly across the room,” said Debi Pfitzenmaier, founder and CEO of Youth Code Jam. “Our real goal is to get kids interested in coding and programming and computer science, to build their confidence in that skill set, and then to show them what the jobs of the future look like.”

To learn more and see a video from the camp, click here.

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