18 Windy Roads From A Drone’s Eye View

Have you ever been driving along a winding country road and wondered why there seem to be so many twists and turns involved in getting from point “A” to point “B”? If so, then check out these pictures of various extremely windy roads from all around the world. Of course these are shot from the perspective that only a drone can provide. And after looking at a few of them, it...

7 Tips To Help You Elevate Your Drone Photography

Are you an amateur or even professional photographer? Are you using a drone to add a new perspective to your videos or photos? If you are, or even if you are just considering it, you should definitely check out this article on the B&H Photo web site. This article is a list of 7 essential tips to help take your drone photography to the next level. These tips include ways to fly safely, find int...

The Best In Drone Photography

If you have not heard of or used Dronestagram, it is definitely worth checking out. It is a site for images taken by drones, which gives you a perspective that you can’t get on the ground.  This year, over 6,000 photos were submitted from around the world by professional photographers and amateur drone enthusiasts for the contest organized by Dronestagram in partnership with National Geograp...

Drone Video of Shark Feeding Frenzy

Check out this drone footage of 70 sharks devouring a humpback whale in the waters off Dirk Hartog Island – off the coast of western Australia. Truly amazing footage of the sheer power and awe-inspiring ferociousness of nature. Video and pictures here:  

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