freedom class drone racing

Freedom Class Drone Racing

FPV drone racing is definitely going to be an exciting sport to behold as it grows, gains media coverage and becomes more popular. But something completely beyond it is Freedom Class drone racing, which involves much larger, heavier and more powerful drones that approach 100 miles per hour and weigh up to 130 kilograms. This is some insane stuff! “It was great to see the power train work flawlessl...

“Freedom Class” Drone Racing – Bigger and Faster

We all know that drone racing is poised to be the next Formula 1 spectator sport, with its 120 kilometer per hour machines zooming around a race course. But some people just don’t think that is enough! A team in Australia, known as Freedom Drone Sports, has developed and is testing a much larger and faster drone for a new class of racing it is calling “Freedom Class”. These drone...

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