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Using Drones In Sports

Every sport you watch on television requires a huge team of production professionals to deliver the different camera angles, graphics and commentary that help make the viewing experience memorable. Today’s professional broadcasters are relying more and more on drones to help cover the sports and deliver amazing camera angles. This means more compelling and engaging footage for the viewer but...

Freedom Class Drone Racing

FPV drone racing is definitely going to be an exciting sport to behold as it grows, gains media coverage and becomes more popular. But something completely beyond it is Freedom Class drone racing, which involves much larger, heavier and more powerful drones that approach 100 miles per hour and weigh up to 130 kilograms. This is some insane stuff! “It was great to see the power train work flawlessl...

Launching and Catching Drones

Darpa, the research brand of the United States Pentagon, is testing ways to launch and catch fixed wing drones without the need for a runway. While quadcopters, hexacopter, etc. are great for hovering in place, to really travel long distances, a fixed wing drone is much better equipped. However, many places where these drones will be used on missions don’t have smooth ground to take off and ...

Intel Brought 300 Drones To The Super Bowl

In case you missed the amazing performance by Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl, you should definitely check it out on Youtube. And more interestingly, watch the 300 drones that Intel provided as a part of the program. Truly amazing! For more: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3166068/techology-business/intel-brought-300-drones-to-the-super-bowl.html

Is Apple Designing a Drone?

Rumors swirl around technology product announcements. And while there is no “hard” evidence that Apple is releasing a drone, the market is favorable and many people have speculated about what an Apple built drone might look like. Of course Apple would innovate in design and include some extra features that integrate well with the iPhone. Regardless if it’s true or not, this artic...




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MJX X600 Hexacopter

Introduction I have flown countless inexpensive quadcopters from a variety of manufacturers who are ...



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Walkera Rodeo 150 racer

I was recently stricken with an incurable conditio...



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Eachine Wizard X220

Eachine has really been working the FPV racing con...


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