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Drones Used for Basketball Dunk Contest

When you think of flying drones, you probably don’t think of dunking basketballs! But just a few days after Intel powered drones to fly in the Super Bowl half time show, they were flexing their drone muscles again at a the Verizon Slam Dunk contents which is part part of the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. Intel’s drones had a claw attached to the bottom to hold th...

Why a New-School Drone Maker Bought an Old-School Camera Maker

Many people don’t know that DJI recently acquired a significant share of the Swedish camera company, Hasselblad. This acquisition may seem strange on the surface, but it seems to point toward DJI going after a higher end market for high budget film production. It also opens the door to allow DJI to build lightweight, medium-format cameras that would be very effective for surveying, detailed ...

DJI Expanding Stores Into North America

DJI has several storefronts in Asia where people can come in to try out their products. This move is much like what Apple has done with its storefronts – creating a space where people can get a hands-on experience, meet other brand enthusiasts, and get support for products that they already own. DJI’s first store is open in the Denver, Colorado area and is already seeing great results....

Who Can Compete With DJI?

DJI is far and away the leading consumer and professional drone manufacturer in the world. And the larger competitors like 3D Robotics and GoPro have both taken missteps in their paths to compete with DJI. This means that the road for smaller drone manufacturers is tough. But there are some companies that seem to be rising to the challenge. This article looks at who those competitors are and what ...

Best Drone For Kids

Even though Christmas and the holiday season is past, kids still want to fly drones. And many parents end up making the mistake of buying too much drone for their kids right away. There is one simple rule you should follow when you are considering buying a drone for your kid: buy a drone you are willing to crash or lose. Beyond that, simplicity, safety and fun are the three main considerations. Ch...




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3DR Solo

Introduction 2015 has been an amazing year for drone enthusiasts.  We saw the launch of DJI’s Phanto...



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Syma X5UW

Introduction The Syma X5UW is a nice upgrade from ...



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Eachine Falcon 180 Professional Racer

If you’re a serious racer looking for the most pow...


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