Stadium In Texas Using Drones To Test Internet Connections

AT&T Stadium

The AT&T stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play football, is using drones to test internet connectivity throughout the entire stadium. The drones are able to fly to different parts of the stadium with a small sensor that tests what the wireless connection is like at each individual seat. Art Pregler, the AT&T Drone Program Director explained the drones gauge how strong mobile signals are in the areas they survey. “We fly drones here so we can understand what is going on at each seat in the stadium so we understand the user frustration,” said Pregler. According to Pregler, big event venues like AT&T Stadium get packed with people who are all competing for the same wireless signals, using these drones will help to tune the signals and allow every event attendee a better experience no matter where they are seated in the stadium.

To read more about AT&T’s use of drones, please check out this article.

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