Drones Are Changing The Insurance Industry

Air Drone Inspection

While many people fly drones for fun or to take amazing photos and video, drones are becoming a hot commodity in the insurance industry. Many insurance companies are now using drones to improve the way that they service customers while, at the same time, helping maintain their bottom line. This means a variety of things to customers and insurance professionals alike. First, drones a helping insurance companies detect and avoid fraud. Drones offer a view that was previously unavailable, so seeing fraud when it happens is much easier with drones. Second, drones are helping to monitor risk. They can see when and where there is a risk for ice, fire, structural collapse and many other factors. This helps insurance companies warn of possible disaster and ultimately save money on claims. Finally, drones are being used to deliver custom pricing. Drones are being used to calculate better insurance premiums by assessing risks that can’t currently be assessed efficiently. This can lead to more customized insurance for customers and savings for the insurance companies.

To read more about this study done by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), please follow this link:

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