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The Drone Racing League recognizes that as FPV drone racing becomes more popular the need for more safety guidance becomes essential. So this year they launched www.droneracingsafety.org, a web site designed to provide guidance for international drone racers on best practices for conducting safe FPV racing events worldwide. “As the popularity of FPV flight grows globally, it has become more and more necessary to establish best-in-class protocols to ensure racing events are held in a safe manner. We believe it’s important to use DRL’s leadership in the FPV industry to provide extensive information on racing safety, freely available to all pilots and event organizers, based on our deep investment in developing and codifying robust safety standards,” said DRL Founder/CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski.

The site is designed to offer best in class procedures and protocols for drone racing and also serve as a forum for races to discuss upcoming events, innovation, and other things that will make the sport safer and more fun to watch than it already is. This set of procedures was adopted this year and will extend into 2017 and beyond as the sport evolves.

To learn more about drone racing safety, visit the site http://www.droneracingsafety.org

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