Dedrone Announces A Complete Drone Detection System

Drone Tracking System

Drones are here to stay. As the technology progresses and takes hold, there will be more and more of them in the sky. Dedrone, a company founded in Germany and now headquartered in California has come up with a system of hardware and software to track drones and deliver real time information about the whereabouts and status of drones in your airspace. The DroneTracker uses a combination of acoustical sensors, wifi sensors, video and infrared to detect and monitor drones in the immediate area.

The DroneTracker can be mounted permanently to facades or special poles, in order to survey a defined section of the sky 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drone Tracker is intended for use by sensitive facilities like prisons, power plants, nuclear facilities, financial institutions, and more. For now, the DroneTracker follows within about 1,600 feet, records the drone’s movements, and gives an alert. Currently t has no countermeasures, such as jamming signals, firing nets, or even triggering shotgun blasts into the sky. However, Dedrone is offering additional products that will include countermeasures.

For more about the DroneTracker from Dedrone, click here.


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