Nissan Builds Custom Drone To Keep Up With Its GT-R Sports Car

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Nissan Racing Drone

Nissan recently designed and built the GT-R Drone – one of the fastest accelerating First Person View (FPV) racing drones ever produced. The GT-R Drone is designed to keep up with the 2017 Nissan GT-R while shooting video on the test track. The GT-R Drone is able to reach 100 kilometres per hour from a standstill in a mind blowing 1.3 seconds.

Nissan felt that the newly redesigned GT-R racing car deserved a fully custom drone to match its pace on the purpose-built 1.9 kilometer test track. The biggest difference between the design of the GT-R racing car and the drone is that the car’s new features are designed to keep it firmly planted on the track while the GT-R Racing Drone is designed to speed smoothly above the track. While the drone can out accelerate the car off the line, the car soon catches up with a top speed of over 300 kilometers per hour!

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