Drones Are Set To Become More Useful Than Just Aerial Cameras

DJI's Agricultural Drone

As the world becomes more used to drones used for aerial photography, the future of drones is just beginning. Leading companies are considering the next wave of commercial drones and what purpose they will serve. DJI, the leading designer and manufacturer of consumer camera platform drones is currently developing a number of new UAVs that will handle things like commercial agriculture, mapping, inspection and delivery services. Drone racing and sport flying is becoming more popular and accepted as a past time by more and more people every day.

And a Chinese company called EHang is creating a drone that will actually carry passengers in a safe and automated way. EHang developed the Ghost Drone initially to test its designs and is now on to developing the Ehang 184, a 440-pound personal flyer controlled by a smartphone that can whisk someone 500 meters above the traffic.


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