Drones Considered As Companions to Seagoing Shipping Vessels

Cargo Ships from Drone

Although great advancements have been made in ground and air transportation, the majority of the world’s goods are still shipped at sea on huge freighters. The reasons are simple – shipping at sea is less expensive and more efficient than shipping via cargo airplane. However, there are certain areas where being in the air has big advantages and many in the ocean shipping world are looking for ways to capitalize on drone technology to enhance how shipping is done.

First, there is the opportunity to use drones for transporting small items to and from ships. Things like food, medicine, small engine parts, computers, etc. could easily be moved from ship to ship or ship to shore using drones. Second, drones could be invaluable in helping to avoid collisions or incidents when ships are in a harbor or docked. And finally, drones are a great way for the captain and crew to keep a watchful eye out for pirates while at sea.



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